The ISTA Scholarship for Teachers of IB Theatre in the Americas

About the Scholarship

The scholarship will be awarded each year to a teacher from the Americas region who has previously attended an ISTA TaPS (Theatre arts Programme Symposium) workshop. Our 2009-2010 scholarship will be awarded to a teacher who attended the 2008-2009 Montreal or Vancouver workshops.

The aim of the scholarship is to enrich the professional development opportunities for the successful teacher by enabling attendance at an ISTA TaPS in a region outside of the Americas. In doing so, the teacher will have the opportunity to work with an international group of IB Theatre colleagues; to share ideas, plan, and together, intensively explore the IB Theatre course for three full days. During this time the group will participate in an exciting range of Theatre Master Classes, watch and critique professional theatre performances, and make close contact with a culture very different to their own.

ISTA TaPS always seeks to immerse participants into the rich cultures of the communities where TaPS takes place

  • Teachers are part of a Wayang Kulit Master Class which is followed by eating a traditional dinner in the home of the Wayang Kulit master, and his family in Bali.
  • They take part in workshops on the Great Wall of China as part of a TaPS in Beijing.
  • Their students perform original/devised theatre pieces as part of a Street Theatre Festival in Bangkok

Our TaPS for 2009-2010 outside of the Americas include:

  • London TaPS 1 – October 8-10 2009 – Level 1 and Level 2 training
  • London TaPS 2 – October 12-14 2009 – Level 2 training only
  • Cardiff TaPS – October ??? 2009 – Level 2 training only
  • Bali TaPS – October 29- 2009 – Level 2 training only
  • Beijing TaPS – February 2010 – Level 2 training only
  • Cheltenham TaPS – February 13-15 2010 – Level 3 training only
  • Adelaide TaPS – Level 1 and Level 2 training

The logistics for planning this experience with the successful teacher will be worked out directly with Sally Robertson, ISTA's CEO (

We have witnessed a profound impact from this international scholarship already, as we approach our 4th year. Teachers have had the ‘experience of a life time' and have found the workshops provide a real influence on their subsequent teaching back in school. As a UK Registered Charity we have historically been most active in Europe and Asia. However, this scholarship provides an ideal opportunity to create dynamic links between theatre teachers in the Americas and other IB regions. The Scholarship will also play a vital role in the promotion of internationalism in the teaching of IB Theatre, as well as fostering a sense of international community, which lies at the heart of the ISTA philosophy.

The 2009 - 2010 Scholarship

Click here to download the Application.

The successful candidate will be awarded £1750.00. This amount will be used to go towards the cost of travel, accommodation, subsistence and registration fees for one of our TaPS.

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